2010 “Playback Theatre”


Despite being performed in a venue only yards away from the hustle and bustle of The Royal Mile, the creativity and tranquillity that 'Playback Theatre' oozed made it feel like an Eden a million miles away. This interesting and admirably innovating show saw the audience being invited to share stories, whatever the relevance or content, and the essence of each tale was spontaneously brought to life via the medium of a team of performers and their dramatic imaginations. The result was a thought provoking and moving performance, clearly achieving what it set out to do; the willing audience, no doubt encouraged by Artistic Director Tig Land's kind and gentle persuasion, shared their feelings and thoughts without hesitation.

Miles Morgan for "Three Weeks" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Random Acts leap over the fourth wall and smash the gap between performance and life. The Company carried out their roles with aplomb. Finding the humour without spite, throwing together a coherent narrative from mumbled suggestions and offering a kindly reflection of the audience‘s stories, they exhibited a confident professionalism and compassion. Playback is a brilliant tool for both experimental performance and a charming therapy, no doubt suited to challenging assumptions about drama‘s function and weaning hard-core cases from their theatre addiction.

Gareth Vile's blog "The Skinny" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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